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Whether you are seeking brief, solution-focused or longer term therapy, I offer a flexible approach drawing from different models, tailored specifically to your needs and based on what we agree together will be most effective for you.

The first meeting

During our initial consultation we will discuss what has prompted you to contact me; the issue as you see it and any past or current background information you are willing to share at this point. You will have a chance to ask me any questions about how I work or voice any concerns so that you can decide whether I am someone with whom you feel comfortable to share personal thoughts and feelings.


The psychodynamic approach

The next few sessions may include an exploration of your early life to help understand problematic or limiting ways of thinking and behaving with the ultimate goal of achieving greater self acceptance.


After these initial few sessions we will discuss whether brief or longer term therapy will be more appropriate for you and spend some time clarifying exactly what it is you hope to achieve from therapy. I will talk through my ideas for a treatment plan with you, which, if you continue, will be shaped by us both over coming sessions. 


This may be a longer term therapy which for some will remain open-ended until it feels as if some resolution has been reached. For those seeking short-term therapy, lasting for around 16 sessions, a more solution-focused, structured approach will be appropriate.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a pathway to understanding, insight and change. In my work, I focus on helping my patients to develop a greater ability to reflect on oneself, that is, "connect the dots", and a greater ability to feel and to act in the world. I believe that an understanding of a persons's relationships with others, both historically and currently, is central to the process of change. I strive to develop this understanding collaboratively in an atmosphere of openness, safety, honesty and curiosity.


My background is in applied psychology and American approach in psychodynamic psychotherapy. My style is interactive with an emphasis on using insight to achieve emotional and relational change. I believe it is important to engage not only the patient's deeper feelings and experiences but also current, everyday stresses and dilemmas.


In psychodynamic process, exploration of the patient's feelings and beliefs, as they emerge, is the foundation for practical problem solving and enhanced ability to act. I believe that behavioural change that reflects greater self-awareness and emotional well-being is central in a successful psychotherapy.



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