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“Even the farthest journey

starts with the first step.”

Change is possible.

Together we can uncover impediments that are keeping you from living a fulfilling life. You don't have to be inhibited by unproductive patterns, symptoms or past events.

My goal is to provide you with a comfortable, safe place where you feel accepted not judged.


Ewa Pawluk

Do you feel stuck or disconnected? Do you desire a more authentic and meaningful life - one that includes deeper intimacy, freedom from shame, and enhanced embodiment and satisfaction?



I help individuals embody their authentic selves, learn how to effectively communicate their feelings, desires, needs, and boundaries, deepen their capacity for intimacy, and honour their goals and dreams.



Psychotherapy is an opportunity to experience an awareness of yourself and the obstacles that hinder your emotional growth and connection to others. In this courageous journey, the match between you and your therapist is essential. I view our work as an important collaborative journey and welcome all of your experiences. We will work together to identify your goals as well engage in a meaningful way in your life. My role is to provide a genuine and safe environment to make life-affirming changes.



Common issues that I work with include: depression; anxiety; low self-esteem; life transitions; loss and grief; abuse and trauma; and communication and intimacy issues. I specialise in psychodynamic psychotherapy which is most successful in treating individuals who suffer from relational difficulties, personality disorders, and psychosomatic problems.

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